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I've spent nearly my entire life playing drums and percussion, and recording everything I've been involved with. I have been a student of music since the age of ten, and continue to this day, currently studying piano. As for styles of music and musical influences, my tastes are quite broad. As a teenager, I loved and played "prog rock". As a young adult, I was immersed in jazz and was in a few jazz bands, performing in NYC and NJ. I have always been deeply into singer/songwriter music, especially Joni Mitchell in my early years. Currently, my tastes are all over the place. I am drawn to new music and don't spend much time listening to music I already know well. I spend a lot of time actively listening to pop music, funk, jazz, rap, singer/songwriter as well as soul music.


Over the past decades, I have studied drum set, learning various Jazz, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban styles of playing. I have also studied voice, guitar, and piano across several teachers. All of this has influenced my musical sensibilities and helped to NOT "box me in" to any particular style of playing or listening.


I love performing, mainly on the drum set but also on percussion. I am currently the drummer (or percussionist) in several bands but my doors are open and I actively gather and jam or record with various other people.


Bands I am currently in ...

  • Stuff Bros - An original and cover band, we have been playing stages and bar gigs for 10 years. We have a very eclectic set of music and influences. Check out our website for more details, music, and videos.

  • Marry the Sea - An original band in the vein of Fleetwood Mac and Indigo Girls with many other influences. Mainly a stage gig band, we have performed at larger venues in NJ and NYC since 2017.

  • Essex Funk - Mostly 70's funk, soul, and disco band located in Essex County NJ.

  • Los Traficantes del Amor - Latin rock cover band, playing stages and bars mainly in North Jersey (I am the percussionist)

  • QWERT - Run by singer/songwriter Chris Koch, QWERT is an all-original band with great musical and lyrical depth. 

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